Monday, January 26, 2009

Hoover S3765040 Review


The Hoover S3765040 is the latest canister Vacuum and cleans with powerful WindTunnel technology. Dirt is ducted away from the agitators into in the bagless dirt cup. The reusable and cleanable HEPA filter traps tiny allergen particles.

The Dirt cup is a little small but is easy to remove and empty. I always take the canister out to my garage and put the dust directly into my garbage can. I want as little dust in my house as possible.

I am allergic to common house dust. When using a lot of vacuums I sneeze continually. That is not the case with this Vacuum. It keeps the dirt in the and does not just blow it right back out into the air.

Easy to maneuver because of the big soft wheels this vacuum follows you as you work.

Hoover S3765040 Canister Controls
All the Controls are on the handgrip. You can adjuzst the power of the suction, adjust the speed of the agitator and turn your vacuum on and off.

The Telescoping Wand is excellent. I am over 6' tall and it is great not to have to bend over to use this super sucker. It adjusts to fit smaller people also.

The Hoover ZS3765040 Canister includes - 6 foot hose, telescopic chrome wands, crevice tool, dusting brush, furniture nozzle, powered hand tool, deluxe floor brush, and a filter cleaning brush. The Upholstery and drape cleaning tools are really handy.

Cleaning your Car
It is really handy having the upholstery tool and the great suction of this vacuum when cleaning your car. It makes cleaning the car almost fun---I did say almost. It is much easier than using the hose off an upright that usually has about half as much suction and will not be nearly as handy.

Hoover supplies a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

WindTunnel Technology uses air ducts to provide a powerful dual air stream to increase its dirt sucking abilities.

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